Saturday, July 28, 2012


I am amazed that it has taken over a year since I wrote my last post.  I know that I have struggled this last year with so many new self worth issues.  It is amazing what Satan will do to your mind to make you feel less of a person.  In the last 2 months I have really worked hard at my personal relationships with God and my family.  It took some wonderful friends of my to convince me that I truly deserved what I was given, and I would be blessed with more if I had a personal relationship with God.  One of my main hurdles has been Gratitude.  Am I thankful for what I have, who I am, and where I'm going?  Well of course I am but until I verbalized it, it didn't seem that I really meant it. So the process began and my process was simple PRAYER!  Wow something we have been taught to do as little children, I was not doing.  As soon as I opened the line of communication with my Father in Heaven, it was like all my issues weren't issues.  I'm not saying it fixed everything, but it definitely gave me a different perspective of what my life was all about, where I wanted to go, and how I was going to do it.  It gave me focus!! 

I am so blessed, and am so grateful for all the opportunities I have to be here on earth with my beautiful and amazing family.  I am so grateful for all my amazing friends and the love and advice they share with me.  I am so grateful for the relationship with my Father in Heaven, and the love he and support he gives to me.  I AM SO GRATEFUL!


Kim said...

I'm grateful for you, Karen! Even though we never get to see each other, I know you will always be my friend. This was a beautiful post you wrote, and I'm so happy that you are happy.

There's a great song I recently came across called Grateful by Bianca Merkley. You'll love it. Look it up on iTunes. Or you can watch a video that uses this song that I posted on my blog in June about India.

gma vh said...

What a beautiful expression of gratitude. Prayers are listened to by answers come. If we pray with faith that God hears our prayers then we know he is listening. If WE listen to the whisperings of the Spirit, we will know our answers. They may take us step by step and not a big one time only answer, but with a leap of faith, those steps take us in the right direction. I'm grateful for you, Karen. It's been a treat to have your girls here in our home. We Love you all.