Saturday, July 28, 2012


I am amazed that it has taken over a year since I wrote my last post.  I know that I have struggled this last year with so many new self worth issues.  It is amazing what Satan will do to your mind to make you feel less of a person.  In the last 2 months I have really worked hard at my personal relationships with God and my family.  It took some wonderful friends of my to convince me that I truly deserved what I was given, and I would be blessed with more if I had a personal relationship with God.  One of my main hurdles has been Gratitude.  Am I thankful for what I have, who I am, and where I'm going?  Well of course I am but until I verbalized it, it didn't seem that I really meant it. So the process began and my process was simple PRAYER!  Wow something we have been taught to do as little children, I was not doing.  As soon as I opened the line of communication with my Father in Heaven, it was like all my issues weren't issues.  I'm not saying it fixed everything, but it definitely gave me a different perspective of what my life was all about, where I wanted to go, and how I was going to do it.  It gave me focus!! 

I am so blessed, and am so grateful for all the opportunities I have to be here on earth with my beautiful and amazing family.  I am so grateful for all my amazing friends and the love and advice they share with me.  I am so grateful for the relationship with my Father in Heaven, and the love he and support he gives to me.  I AM SO GRATEFUL!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Final Day in D.C.

Today we got all the kids packed and their rooms cleaned. Then off to our Nation's Capitol, which was very cool. We weren't able to have a tour by the intern, but it was still pretty good. After that we were able to walk down one of the tunnels to the National Library. They had many exhibits but best of all we were able to go onto the 2nd story and look down into the library which was very cool. I love all the indention's in the marble stairs from the millions of people who walk on them.

We then were off to the airport for our very long flight home. We were supposed to not have a stop in San Diego but since they could squeeze us onto another flight they did. So instead of getting home at 9:30 pm it moved it to 12:30. Oh well!!!

All in all we had an amazing trip and wouldn't have changed it a bit.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ahh Day 4 of our DC Trip

Well today my little legs are hurting just a tad. The kids seem to be enjoying themselves, and are really getting into the whole history part of the trip. I am quite glad that they all are really good friends and we haven't had any problems with any of them.

Today we started out going to Mount Vernon "George and Martha Washington's' Plantation. This is Bob and I's 3rd time going and I had never gone down to the river which was so very cool. I love that it is still a working plantation. This time we were able to walk around the property alot more which was cool.

Then off to the Newsmusum which was very cool. It had an outside deck on the top story that you could view all of Pensynvilia Ave. Inside there were exhibits of all kinds of news and how and when it started including papers.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 3 of our D.C. Trip

Off to a great start today with a trip to Arlington National Cemetery. We were able to see the change of guards at the tomb of the Unknown Solider. We were told they have about 26 burials a day, and we were able to see the persecution of one where he/she had full honors with the band, horse and carriage and the empty horse with the boot turned around. They also did the 21 cannon blast.

Then we went to the Holocaust Museum which had a new section with stopping the germicide that is going on today in Sudan and other places. We were able to hear from a survivor from the Holocaust and that was extra special.

We also went to Einstein Statue, US Air force Memorial, September 11th Memorial and the White House.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 2 of our Washington Adventure

Well today was one of many long and fun filled packed days. We left our hotel in Gettysburg and started the day with the Smithsonian's. We managed to hit 4 of them, the Air and Space, the Arts, the Castle, and the National. In the middle of the National Mall you can take fun pictures of the Washington Monument and the Capitol.

Then off we went the the Washington Monument where we were able to go all the way to the top. We were actually able to see the D.C. Temple which Kate thought was cool and showed it off to all her friends.

We then went to the National Cathedral and had an amazing tour. We were so lucky when the organist came in to practice for that evenings service. It was so amazing to hear him play and the way it carried thru the Cathedral was so amazing. It was very interesting that everything was so different when it came to the architecture. It actually drove Bob crazy that nothing was built or sculpted the same. Oh well

We finished out the day with the Lincoln Memoral, Korean Memorial, and Vietnam Memorial.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Night/Monday Morning Airport Experience

Well we made it to the San Fransisco Airport and got all the kids unloaded from the bus with about 3 hours to spare. We spent about 1 1/2 hrs in a little corner waiting for our group to be called. We then were able to go upstair get a bite to eat "a bar was the only thing open" and then at 11:57 take our 1st flight to Wesiconson. Then we got off the plane ate some more and borded another plane to Baltimore. On the 1st flight no one was really sitting by anyone they knew which kept the kids pretty quite, since they were scared half to death. Our 2nd flight Bob and I were able to sit together and Kate sat with her friends.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My D.C trip with a bunch of 8th graders

Ok per a suggestion from my amazing mother I am journaling/ blogging our trip to Washington DC. So at this point we are on a bus going to the San Francisco airport. I've been listening to a audio book but haven't heard all that much cuz I can hear Kate's voice over every other 14 year old on this bus. Yea the teacher Mike just told them to lower their voices. Ha ha it just went up even louder. Anyway our flight leaves at 11:58 tonight. I am hoping to get some good pictures and hope you enjoy the ride.